Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Keynote and Inspirational Speaker
| Ultimate Behavior and Performance Engineer


Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Keynote and Inspirational Speaker | Ultimate Behavior and Performance Engineer

Bernard Safatli is a recognized motivational speaker, certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified trainer of hypnotherapy, life-coach, and a successful business strategist based in Dubai. Over the years, Bernard has excelled to be one of the leading authorities in the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques within corporate and academic settings. His work with various sales teams, marketing directors, communication specialists, HR personnel and CEO’s, within the region, has allowed him to foster a better understanding of what it really takes to succeed in our globalized competitive economies.

With more than 17 years of experience under his belt and a proven track record; Bernard is considered to be the “Ultimate Behavior and Performance Engineer”. His passion lies within the psychology of what makes people successful, implementing strategic planning, and coaching team members of organizations; in order for them to deliver with determination, perseverance and most importantly, excellence. Bernard’s approach has resulted in many success stories with the work he has accomplished with small-medium enterprises and fortune 500 companies.

His expertise brings clarity and comprehension to many everyday issues that entrepreneurs and organizations have to constantly deal with. Whether you’re fully trying to comprehend your clients’ needs, creating the ultimate sales funnel, or establishing yourself as an expert in your field; Bernard will train, listen, inspire and empower people to achieve the true success they are seeking.


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