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The Teachers of Our Lives

Keynote . 45 – 90 Min, Q&A

Drawing on material from Bernard Safatli’s first book, “The Real Teachers of our Lives”, as well as examples on how to identify the individuals who create the biggest positive impact in our lives. Participants will learn how to overcome any challenge they are faced with and excel in life.

Unlock your Inner Power

How do you really want to live? What are you most passionate about? What are you grateful for? Do you often feel “stuck” in your life? Are you unable to make changes or break through past beliefs? We often look outside ourselves for these answers. When we do, we give away our power. It’s time to find your own answer, and uncover your own internal motivation while setting your own rules!

The Power Of Influence

Keynote . 45 – 90 Min, Q&A

This powerful discussion will equip your sales staff with practical strategies and tools to help persuade their clients better. It will teach them the psychology behind the sale, and how to use this psychology, in order to create a win/win situation for both you and your client.

Our Workshops

The Power Of Influence

Workshop . 2 days

Regardless which stage you’re in your life now, the single biggest thing that stands between you and what you want, is your ability to influence and persuade others. Learn to master one of the most important skills you need in order to succeed in any field.

Presenting With Purpose

Workshop . 2 days

The ability to present yourself powerfully and clearly is critical. Whether you are speaking to one person, in a conference meeting, or in front of a large audience; the ability to convey your message across powerfully and purposefully is a requisite if you want to be taken seriously.

Realise Your Potential®

Workshop. 4 half days

Realise your Potential® will allow you to discover the exact beliefs and values that control virtually every decision you make. This seminar will assist students to excel in school and strategically map out their academic and career aspirations.


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